Le Petit Prince Baby Shower

Le Petit Prince is one of my favorite stories so I was so stoked when I found out my sis wanted it to be her baby shower theme!! We went pretty crazy with it haha and our friend/sister did some … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Decor for 2018

Thanksgiving decor with pilgrim candle holders, mexican embroidered placemats and petrified wood platters Continue reading

Fireplace Remodel

This fireplace was killing me with its ugliness and I just had to do something!

Picture from the Woodsy Baby Shower I had thrown earlier this year~

And this one was when we had just moved in and had our first Christmas!

Didn’t take a legitimate “before” photo but you can tell that it was ugly and mainly just boring~ also I couldn’t stand the tiles on the surround😞

So I went crazy with it haha and picked out this crazy fun pattern at Floor and Decor (which is completely sold out now)!

I carried the tile from the surround to the floor which I think makes the whole look more dramatic~

It is different- feels amazing and looks stunning! I’m very happy with how it turned out considering it was a bit of a bold move for me/anyone with a pulse haha~

Got the garland at Costco where they have lots of plants including awesome huge poinsettias!

I’m also in love with the mantle which I got on Facebook marketplace!!!

So cheap and they delivered it to me and it’s carved solid wood so a massive upgrade to what was there!

The goldfish artwork is actually King Silk embroidery and I bought it at the Texas State Fair and it was my Christmas present from the hubs😊

It looks 3D to me and has the Asian vibe I’m kind of going for in the living room~

Aren’t you loving the pilgrim candle holders? My sis got them for my birthday and they are perfect for thanksgiving! The fireplace doors are so no little ones hurt themselves and are from Amazon.

Love my fireplace now and can’t wait to use it a ton!

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Aghhhh so I’m horrible at taking before photos but trust me this guest bathroom was UGLY! Builder grade mirror, boring vanity light, ugly tile and an off-center sink (the fact that it was off-centered was really the key factor to getting this thing done).

Couple of fun facts: carried the onyx sink from San Miguel to Dallas in my carry on bag and it was Very Heavy -also bought another dresser (that I was planning on turning into a vanity) that was way too big that my sister is using for her nursery!

First fun surprise was all of the rotting floors around the toilet- guess it had been slowly leaking under the tile for a while…

Got new subfloors and put the new marble floors from Floor and Decor in!

The small antique dresser that was then turned into a vanity was purchased at this wonderful antique mall close by called City View Antiques~ the rug was from my mother~

This awesome antique Italian swan light was found on eBay! The shades came broken but it looks good without shades too~

The mirror was from another antique mall and the faucet was from amazon~

I got the toilet roll holder from Etsy and already had the rattan basket~ all the artwork is from my vast 1800’s oil art collection haha I knew I had some reason for buying those!

It’s sooo much better than what it was and I’m so glad it all came together! I was tempted to do crazy tile but I restrained myself and I think the Calcutta honed marble is the perfect choice! Sometimes less is more haha

MJ’s Toddler Bedroom Tour

Well I guess nesting kind of set in but I focused it all on MJ’s new toddler room!! I have had ideas for this room for a while but never gotten around to doing anything so was glad when I got my butt in gear and actually got it all done!

Almost everything in his room I already had just had to bring it all together!

One new thing I got was the wallpaper from Etsy!! I love it! I was pretty intimidated to put it up but once I started it wasn’t too bad at all!

The foliage I had already from the jungle themed shower I had thrown!

The RH crib has been through A LOT with MJ and is holding up great! I’m putting off converting it to a toddler bed haha (update: well spoke too soon had to convert to the toddler bed two days after this post and it’s been kinda a nightmare with MJ not sleeping at all so yay😬)

Already had the leather chesterfield, pillow, pretty rug and side table (from Horchow) as well as the lamp and Moky’s bamboo footrest with the fur pillow~

Cute Etsy elephant and moon bank!

Put some of his fun Etsy stuffed animals in the old leather suitcase I got at Wisteria

On the other side of his room is the awesome RH bookshelf from the outlet nearby and his closet

My mom cross-stitched that Noah’s ark picture for me when I was a baby!

Fox coat is one of my favorite things ever and from here!

More details from the bookshelf

And one of my favorite furniture purchases my awesome dresser I got from Craigslist!

It was been perfect as a changing table and we definitely needed something sturdy with our big guy😆

I bought the frames for my pictures I had purchased from Etsy over the years at Michaels and it turned out great!

The asian cap is from Wisteria and was used in our birth announcement!

I love how this room turned out and that I had almost everything already!

Haha this was when I told MJ to pretend to sleep😂

What a cutie so glad I got this done finally🙏🏻

Top 10 Etsy Baby Items

1. Activity Center

This wooden activity center was so cute and MJ really didn’t mind being in it for a little bit which is all you want haha! Soooo trendy and colorful and well built I definitely loved it especially if you’re “allergic” to plastic which I am 😂

Such a chunky monkey😍

2. Play Mat

Picture of cutie Mj using his play mat and the wooden play gym that held his toys! ❤️

This was so cute and perfect! Also there are a ton of really cute baby play mats and gyms on Etsy so a lot of really good options at all price points! I liked buying it from someone who made them by hand rather than from a big box store~

3. Wooden Cash Register

I recently got this for him on Easter and it has been a huge hit! It is kind of big but he really likes it and it looks really pretty and I love how well made it is~it’s also a toy that can last for a long time with him so that’s good~basically all wooden toys on Etsy are pretty darn cute and will last a long time~

4. Felt Play Mat

This is a really fun Etsy seller who has a lot of cute felted play mats and the one we got is pictured above- it’s so fun to play with and Mj (and definitely myself) love it!

5. Baby Baptism Gown

Little buddy looked so cute in his baptism gear with this cute outfit –

6. Braided Crib Bumper

This was perfect for Mj when he moved to his big crib! It kept him from bumping his head every minute and also looked super cute~I got it in white~

7. Baby Announcements

These were the cutest letterpress announcements and not too expensive- I did the photo myself and it was easy and turned out perfectly~ also Etsy had so many other wonderful options!

Pic that was on his announcement 👆🏻


8. Llama Boppy Cover

I loved being able to find custom covers for the boppy, my brest friend pillow, stroller covers and car seat covers on Etsy! So much cuter than the regular covers that come with the pillows!

9. Halloween Costumes

So many cute Halloween costumes on Etsy! Seriously anything that you can imagine and you can find sellers who will make custom costumes!

This was an adorable turkey costume for thanksgiving 😍

10. Belly Butter

This belly butter worked great! Zero stretch marks and very moisturized skin!

There are so many wonderful sellers from near and from far on Etsy that can make the absolute cutest stuff for your baby or toddler or kid or for yourself! I’m in love with Etsy and continue to be impressed with every purchase I make~

Top 10 Baby Items

So I decided to make a list of the 10 best items I purchased for MJ and 10 that didn’t work out. This is for ages newborn to one and then I’ll do a toddler one as well! Also these are just what worked and didn’t work for me and each baby and mommy is different and is going to have different styles and needs!

Going into my pregnancy I had a pretty serious Kickstarter addiction so many of these purchases are from Kickstarter or Indiegogo or Shark tank products🤣

1. My amazing breathable mattress from ABC Sleep Safe

I can’t say enough good things about this mattress -MJ slept soooo well on it and I felt that he was perfectly safe at all times- he was a big belly sleeper and this was perfect for that!! Also it kept him the perfect temperature because air is circulating under him as well which was awesome!

He would get such amazing sleep -basically all through the night -which was so great because he was in our room until he was almost one.

2. Bub Baby changing pad cover

This has been great for us and I found it on Kickstarter! Soft for baby on the top half and then wipeable on the bottom half in case there are some accidents- which constantly happen around here 😅

3. Medela Symphony Breast Pump

This was a splurge but I talked my husband into it because I promised it would be used for multiple babies😅

I would recommend renting one from your hospital they are reasonably priced per month and TOTALLY worth it- it made pumping so painless and easy for me- especially when I compared it side by side to the other Medela pump that was covered by my insurance-

It was especially good for bringing up my supply whenever it started dipping~

4. Doona Car seat/stroller

So I didn’t actually get this because it hadn’t come out when MJ was born but my sister has one and I can attest it is AMAZING

So convenient to have a car seat and stroller all in one – easiest way to travel in an airport too

5. Baby Butt Balm

This balm for MJ was soooo good- always cleared up the slightest hint of inflammation and he does have very sensitive skin- also used this shampoo which worked great!

He had zero issues with rashes or any skin issues and I think these products were the reason why~

6. Gripe Water

Definitely super important as he had some tummy issues that would make him very uncomfortable but this would work perfectly!

7. My Brest Friend

I felt this was a great nursing pillow- the boppy to me was more tricky and this one made feeding a breeze!

8. Qeepsake

This app is amazing for writing down moments and sending in photos through out your child’s development! It’s honestly been so fun looking back at memories and little stories that I would totally have forgotten otherwise!

9. Little Lotus Swaddle

This swaddle and the sleep sacks they have are amazing!! Unfortunately little MJ wasn’t into being swaddled but for babies that are this is perfect! I think all babies have their preferences!

Mj did love his Rock N Play (seriously a life saver especially if they are even slightly congested because it’s at a slight angle so they can sleep) and it was honestly so nice to put him in this if he was struggling to sleep~

10. Nesting Days Baby Carrier

This carrier is great because it’s also a cute shirt and honestly it was one of the best things to haul baby MJ around at the beginning-the guy version above also looks pretty cool!

Btw the pic above is from me four days post delivery

– and was after being induced because I was 9 days late/ getting to 8 cm and then having a c-section/ being on magnesium for severe pre eclampsia and a 38 hr labor and delivery so if I look a little rough it’s because I was feeling a little rough🤪but the entire pregnancy before was great and the recovery was pretty good (honestly hugely thanks to my placenta pills and sweet Moky’s moms ginger rice) and the nursing/sleeping through the night and everything was also great so really no complaints from me!

When he got too big I went to another wrap called Cuddly Wrap that I don’t think exists anymore 😟

Other super important things to buy are a

Sound machine

Portable is the best but the battery can run out pretty quick so I also recommend a stationary one for the nursery

Dyson Humidifier

I really liked this humidifier better than the one I bought originally which was in this post-I would have to say humidifiers are pretty great for newborns I felt that when we used it consistently he barely ever got sick~

-Stroller (I got the Mima second hand and really do love it!) the only thing is you couldn’t take this on a camping trip or something it’s mainly for city roads

-Carseat (got the Maxi Cosi and it’s been great) prob just using the Doona for the next baby though

Beaba baby food maker

Used this all the time and it was awesome!!

-High chair Micuna Ovo (love it got it second hand on eBay) the only thing is that it doesn’t go high enough for a bar height counter which is what we have so that’s kinda a bummer

-Also the cutest clothes I really love are Mini Rodini and Kickee Pants!

Huggies (also I went up a size every time he had a couple of blow outs and it really worked well) also overnight diapers when they start sleeping through the night are👌🏻

Also just to be clear I got a ton of stuff second hand for so cheap- good places were Facebook marketplace and Facebook buy/sell groups- ebay-Craigslist- and friends!

Things that I wasn’t in love with but other moms might love!

1. Wipe warmer

It was honestly pretty great but I don’t see myself going to the extra effort for my other potential kids! So yes for first baby and that’ll be a no for future babies!

2. Peepee teepee

Also good but we lost them ALL the time so…

3. Bottle sterilizer

Once they invent one that actually totally cleans and sterilizes a bottle I will be onboard but none of them actually do.

4. Baby bjorn bouncer

Did love it but it lasted a very short time because Mj got too big 😟

5. Munchkin mesh food holder

Mj was already eating the fruit whole so this didn’t really make sense!

6. Baby food sealed containers

Too small for Mj haha they just didn’t hold enough food!

7. Baby nail clippers

Didn’t work well, couldn’t ever find them and I felt that chewing them myself when they are little babies works best

8. Nuby sippy cup

Literally doesn’t work-actually had a lot of trouble with sippy cups not working well but found a winner (upcoming toddler post)!

9. Cloth bibs

Don’t really need the extra laundry!

10. Baby mittens/baby sock wraps that keep the socks on/baby shoes

Eh he really didn’t use these much when he was really little and they get lost so easily.

So that’s the end of my really long post! Hope it helps some people on their choices for what to get! These are just things that worked well for me but there are a ton of other products out there that work great too!

Baby Shower Tropical Theme

Just had a baby shower for one of my very best friends!

It was tropical theme because her nursery wallpaper is this mural- so cute!

Decided to get a couple of items that she could use for her nursery and that also could be used for decor!

From Etsy so cute! Tropical mobile

Zebra head from a charity auction (made from paper mache vintage French books) and the rhino head and butterflies I already had from my trips to Peru and the thrift store haha

My mom had the massive amount of glass vases that we put ferns into and I cut foliage from our yard to decorate as well~

The cute paper leaves garland is from here

Got the sign from Etsy Custom signage and the foliage from my yard haha it’s seriously a jungle in my yard so many tropical plants!

Favors from Etsy as well (coconut Maui custom lip chaps) Lip chap custom and cute little cut out tropical leaves confetti Etsy confetti

Ammaaazing quiche seriously so good recipe from here Quiche recipe

Also cutest cake from Sweets by Selina here in Dallas

Mimosa bar and toppers from Etsy Tropical toppers

Straws were from this cute Etsy store Tropical straws

Cutest onesie painting table!

Had my friend put these tropical garlands together and they turned out awesome

Everyone always goes to the kitchen🤷🏻‍♀️

Which was good because we had the cutest candy bar there!

Doesn’t all that candy make you so happy?

Very cute custom bags too that held all the goodies!

It was a wonderful beautiful time celebrating a very hoped for pregnancy and we are so excited to meet the little bebe!!!

MJ’s First Birthday Noah’s Ark Theme

So since this little one is turning 2 in September I’m a little behind but I had to post his adorable first birthday because 1: I’m obsessed with him and love him so much 2: I went a little overboard on this party and have to share all the little details!

I went for a Noah’s ark theme because my mom has a million noah’s ark already in her house and animals are kind of my favorite thing also!

The confetti I got from this Etsy shop and I got the tablecloth from here!


The adorable custom cake topper I got from this Etsy shop and the cakes are my favorite Whole Foods berry chantilly cakes that my best friend told me about and then I promptly fell in love with~the leaves garland I had purchased in this post~


My mom collects noahs arks and this cutie is from Mexico- love it!


I got this sign from Etsy here but then promptly forgot it at home and had to improvise with putting pictures on another sign and it worked out great! I loved doing his monthly photos but by the end I was pretty happy to be done!


Also check out the cute invitations! Got these from this Etsy shop

Poms were reused from this post and the one script balloon purchased here


These are some more awesome Noah’s arks and are from Chile, Mexico and Peru!


This highchair has been used so much and is really so cute and I got it for a great deal on ebay! It’s the Micuno Ovo Highchair

The felt MJ animal sign I got from this Etsy seller and is so precious!

The blocks are from this Etsy seller and I got them at my shower- also big Cowboys fans over here so daddy wanted them to represent!

This baby’s first year book is great just need to keep going and finish it…


The favors were also kind of my favorite thing I saw these at a local baby boutique Layette and decided they would be perfect for favors! They are Maileg stuffed animals which are from Denmark and they are the cutest! They have all sorts of outfits and accessories that you can buy for them and basically I wanted all of them for myself 🙂

The Noah’s ark on this table is from my childhood and I remember how much I loved playing with it!


Of course because I am obsessed I wanted a bunch of animals to be at his party! We had a baby kangaroo, a cockatoo, a hedgehog and a bunch of other animals that I don’t know the names of that were soooo cute! The company I rented from Zoo on the Move was absolutely great!


I also had a sorority sister who had recently started a food truck and we had her truck at the party and the food was SOOOO good! Highly recommend Oh My Kabob!


At the end of the day MJ didn’t know quite what the heck was going on but I had such a blast and so did all the people who love, care and teach MJ so much everyday! I’m so grateful to all my friends and family who make his life better (and mine too!) It was a wonderful first year celebration marking a year that had definitely been hard for us as a family~ We love you MJ yes we do!

Bridal Shower Camping Theme

We had a bridal shower for our friend/adopted sister and it turned out so well!

It was a camping, outdoorsy theme because she and her new husband love to go to Alaska, go fishing, take lake trips and in general do outdoorsy type stuff (not my cup of tea so much but from the photos it looks so beautiful!)

This was the food spread and was delicious! Moss purchased from Amazon and flower arrangements done by my mom- lots of tree slices to serve off of and wood serving dishes for the different types of food-

The poms were purchased from amazon as well and we reused the love sign from the previous shower

Love these birch straws! So cute for the mimosa bar!

Cute photos of them on their adventures as well as thank you cards for the guests to address

The cute favors were hand made, put into glass bottles purchased from amazon and customized with tags and bows- they also tasted AMAZING

The S’more’s bar was a hit and everyone had a fun time making s’mores outside in the outdoor fire pit!

Plaid tablecloths and adorable flower arrangements completed the look!

It was an awesome party with a really fun shower game that involved a lot of laughter~

It was a wonderful celebration and we are so happy for the cute couple!!